Check Valve Cut Sheets

WLC® Check Valve Cut Sheet

The WLC® Check Valve is a non-slam, wafer style model known for its versatility and reliability in different applications. This valve can accommodate varying pressures, temperatures, and types of fluids while providing leak-free operation.

This lightweight, axial flow, nozzle style valve is available in diverse body materials. Standard materials are A216 Grade WCB carbon steel and A351 CF8M stainless steel. Optional materials include Alloy 20, titanium, duplex stainless steel, Inconel® 625, and Hastelloy®.

The WLC® Check Valve consists of the following components:

  • A protected spring, which facilitates silent closing;
  • A seat (soft seat option is available);
  • A disc/stem assembly that utilizes a center/dual-guided stem;
  • A bushing that is specifically rated for high-pressure applications.
  • The body of the valve has a 316 stainless steel trim, and is offered with either Wafer RF or Wafer RTJ ends.

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WLC® Check Valve Cut Sheet