Check Valve Cut Sheets

DSV® Check Valve Cut Sheet

A spring-assisted, non-slam check valve, the DSV® Check Valve prevents flow reversal in systems to meet the most stringent cleanliness codes in various industries. Using a 316L stainless steel body and seat, along with an internal surface finish of 32 Ra, the DSV® Check Valve offers easy access to the internals through a quick release clamp and elastomeric body seal. The disc and seat are lapped to provide the tightest possible level of shut off.

The DSV® Check Valve is available for both “vertical” and “horizontal” orientations, which allows the valve to accommodate all possible piping arrangements. When a horizontal line needs a self-draining valve, the “horizontal” model of the DSV® Check Valve is appropriate. In the case of a vertical line requiring a self-draining valve–or a horizontal line that doesn’t require self-draining–the “vertical” valve is more commonly specified.

Eight sizes of the DSV® Check Valve are available, ranging from ½’’ all the way up to 4’’. Sizes for an edge-guided disc range from ½’’ to 2’’, while an edge/center-guided disc ranges from 2 ½’’ to 4’’. The springs used in this check valve offer low cracking pressures, a conical design, and electropolished finish.

The standard body seal on the DSV® Check Valve is EPDM, however Tuf-Flex® and Viton® are available as optional finishes. Also, a 15 RA electropolished internal finish is available instead of the standard 32 Ra finish. This check valve can be cleaned in place, and has clamped ends for ease of maintenance and installation.

DSV® Check Valve Cut Sheet