Check Valve Cut Sheets

GLC® NAB Check Valve Cut Sheet

The DFT GLC® NAB is an axial flow, non-slam check valve that was specifically designed for the harshest industrial applications. The valve’s nickel-aluminum bronze (NAB) body is highly durable and is able to withstand any salt or brackish water environments.

In addition to providing exceptional corrosion resistance, the GLC® NAB can reduce the effects of common problems associated with water hammer. Available in ASME Classes 150 and 300 and line sizes ranging from 1” to 24”, GLC® NAB check valves offer versatility to several applications.

This axial flow, nozzle style check valve features spring-assisted silent closing and tight shutoff, and is simple to maintain. The GLC® NAB valve has a ”short” face-to-face dimensions, a one-piece body, a protected spring, flat face flanged ends, and a center/dual-guided stem.

Though the standard material for this check valve is nickel-aluminum bronze, other materials are available; an Inconel® X-750 spring is available, as well as Monel®, Stellite®, stainless steel, and duplex stainless steel trim options.

Additional valve options include a soft seat, custom sizing low flow, and severe service trim. 

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GLC ® NAB Check Valve Cut Sheet