Control Valve Cut Sheet

ULTRA-TROL® Control Valve Cut Sheet

The DFT® ULTRA-TROL® Control Valve features hardened sleeves for slurry applications. This style valve is designed for flanged end applications and bench replacement of the seat insert. The internal design is the same in-line venturi flow design used for the HI-100®. The control element, a spherical ball, is contained by a cage which positions it relative to the downstream seat. Stem travel is linear and operating thrusts are low.

The result is excellent control in tough environments. The ball, cage and stem can be replaced in-line through the bottom cover.

DFT® ULTRA-TROL® Control Valve features:

  • Straight-thru design
  • 1/2” to 6”
  • Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel Stainless and High Alloys
  • ANSI RF, RTJ or DIN Ends
  • Linear Characteristic
  • Hardened Sleeves
  • Temperatures: -425°F to 1000°F
  • Bench Repair
  • Manual, Pneumatic, or
  • Low Operating Thrust
  • Bottom Entry

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ULTRA-TROL® Control Valve Cut Sheet