Check Valve Cut Sheets

WLC® Check Valve Cut Sheet

This check valve offers a robust set of features. The WLC® model is an axial-flow valve with a protected stainless steel spring, which allows silent closing; this model is also center-guided by a stem on both the upstream and downstream sides of the disc.  This lightweight wafer style valve is adaptable to various fluids, as well as a wide range of temperature and pressure combinations.

Each WLC® valve consists of: a body (A126 Class B cast iron); a spring (A313 T302 stainless steel); and a disc/stem assembly, seat, and bushing (all made from B584 836 bronze). Additionally, the valve is available with a cast iron body and 316 stainless steel trim—please note that this option is not recommended for higher temperature applications (180°F to 200°F).

The joint between the valve’s body and its seat ring is firmly sealed by the flange gasket—this helps the WLC® prevent even the smallest leakage through the joint during operation.

WLC® model valves are available in two ASME classes:

  • Class 125 WLC® valves, which have a pressure temperature rating of 200 psig (from 0 to 150°F) and 190 psig (up to 200°F);
  • Class 250 valves, which have a pressure temperature rating of 400 psig (from 0 to 150°F) and 370 psig (up to 200°F). These valves are available in sizes ranging from 2” to 10”, with exceptionally light weights that range from 6 lbs. to 129 lbs.

The WLC® Cast Iron Check Valve is ideally suited for applications in water treatment, power generation, and other industries, though not recommended for gas or steam service. It will help to eliminate water hammer caused by double-door style check valves.

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WLC® Check Valve Cut Sheet